How to make a booking with our escort agency

If this is your first time dealing with an escort agency then we fully understand that you may be nervous. Our escort agency is professionally run and we are here to help you have the best experience possible.

Please make sure that you are ready to provide the following information before you call. This will make the process of booking one of our escorts very efficient. We receive so many calls through out the day that answering calls like "who's on?" doesn't help either of us at all. We need to know the time, date, location and duration of the booking before we can suggest one of our escorts to you.

Home Bookings

If you require of our escorts to visit you at home then you will need to provide the following. Your Full Name, Address and Land Line Number.

Hotel Bookings

Our escorts can make a descreet visit to your hotel room but in order to take your booking we will need the following information Your Full Name ( The name your hotel room is booked under) Your Room Number The Hotel Address.

What you should know when booking our escorts

When looking for charming companions, the elite have a sophisticated taste and so they deserve to go to an excellent facility that offers custom reservations. One of the best ways on how to book lancashire escorts from a high class agency is to look for an online directory page that offers similar facilitation. There are a number of elite organizations that have set up different kinds of web-based facilities such as photo galleries and contact information that any high-profile gentleman should expect to facilitate easy and confidential reservations.

How to make contact with an escort agency

The easiest way to get in touch with such a leading firm is by using the popular telephone means.The customer desks are usually open for much of the twenty-four hours and for this reason they are accessible. Most establishments offering competitive and sophisticated companions usually open at around ten in the morning for the morning caller and close their phone lines at around the midnight hour.

Escort agency Websites

In many occasions, the best booking facilitation allows seamless and systematic contact between the side of the companion and that of the client. There are custom arrangements that allow one to come into contact with his companion at a scheduled venue such as an airport or a hotel.

Elite Agencies also have a service where they will provide vehicles that are chauffeured by professionals to take the girl to and fro her dating destination. Most of our ladies actually drive themselves and out clients prefer this.

To book your chosen escort please call or text us on 07920447567. You will need to give us your location , time, duration and the name of the lady you would like to see.

Please use the form below for advanced bookings only. Please call or text the relevant information if you would like to see someone today.

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